Hybrid Handbikes fuse sport and fun with the performance

Our hybrid models help you comfortably cover long distances, while sport and fun are guaranteed. Just like an e-bike, you can always rely on the support of powerful Lithium-Ion batteries to reduce your own efforts. What makes our Lipo Smart and Neodrive models special is that their range is extended by energy recovery during braking and downhill riding. The engine functions as a generator and produces electricity which is stored in the battery and can be used again during acceleration. Equipped with reliable engines, powerful power drives and three speed levels, the hybrid handbikes are perfect for everyday use as well as for uphill and downhill riding.

Even more action and even more adventure. Performance is everything here. The Lipo Smart Wild is the hybrid brother of the Lipo Crossbike - that's noticeable.

Intelligent pedelec sensors enable safe, hybrid riding fun for more freedom and participation.

High performance, dynamic drive and a natural driving feel thanks to the torque sensor - that's what makes the Smart Dynamic's highly efficient drive system developed by us so special.